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Therapeutic Insemination By Donor (TID)

In spite of the major advances in the field of ART there are still some patients with severe male factor infertility who might have to resort to donor insemination as the only means of achieving a pregnancy.

These include men who have severe testicular failure (azoospermia with no sperms on testicular biopsy) and men with oligoasthenozoospermia who cannot afford ICSI. The centre works closely with three of the premier semen banks in the country to ensure that stringent criteria are adhered to during the procedure. Please note that it is mandatory to use only frozen sperm from a certified bank (to ensure the HIV quarantine period is over) to minimize the risk of disease transmission.

You can request a profile to match your requirements for race, complexion, physical build, color of hair and eyes, blood group, medical and genetic history and other such details.

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