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Embryo Freezing

Embryo Freezing During IVF or ICSI Cycles

A new technique of embryo freezing was introduced two years ago (VITRIFICATION). Currently, success rates with embryo freezing and transfer in the next cycle (not the cycle in which eggs are retrieved) are in the range of 50-60% (10% more than with fresh embryo transfer). In view of this technology advance, the clinic might decide to freeze all your embryos and transfer them in the next cycle in the following situations:)

  • Less eggs and embryos (less than 3 of grade 1)

  • Patients with low AMH and poor responders (pooling of embryos).

  • History of previous miscarriage.

  • History of previous ectopic pregnancy.

  • More than 20 eggs (hyper-stimulation).

  • Endometrium (uterus lining) thin or < 7 mm in thickness.

  • History of previous failed IVF cycles.

  • Any other indication at the discretion of Dr Jatin.

The decision to freeze all and transfer in the next month might be taken during your IVF cycle and even as a last minute call it is purely to give you a better chance and entirely in your own interest. More and more international clinics are moving towards frozen embryo transfers to:

  • Enhance pregnancy rates.

  • Avoid complications such as ovarian hyper-stimulation.

  • Lower the risk of early pregnancy losses (biochemical pregnancies and miscarriages), tubal or ectopic pregnancies.

  • Lower the incidence of preterm labour and small for gestational age babies.

  • Focus more on implantation from the point of view of the uterus and its lining (endometrium).

  • Avoid high order multiple pregnancies (triplets or more).

  • Make treatment simple and relatively painless.

This revolutionary freezing technique has been mastered by one of our ace embryologists (Hima Shah) after intensive training at premier IVF institutes in Japan and Italy. Our clinic also has an active freezing program for eggs (oocytes) especially for young women who wish to preserve their fertility and have children at a later age.

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