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Gestational surrogacy is a boon to a lot of patients where either the uterus is absent from birth or has been removed for some complications or the woman has severe hypertension, diabetes or other disease that would make her pregnancy complicated and life threatening. Also, some patients with recurrent IVF failures (thin or normal lining but no implantation) and those with recurrent miscarriages are good candidates for surrogacy.

The new Surrogacy act of India, 2021 has prohibited commercial surrogacy and there are numerous legal procedures to be followed for compliance with altruistic surrogacy.

Successful surrogacy requires intense coordination between the commissioning couple, the surrogate mother, the lawyers, doctors and other staff.

We have the had the pleasure of performing successful surrogacies for celebrities and patients from all walks of life including Shah Rukh Khan, Karan Johar and many others.

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