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Counselling Services

The emotional journey for couples trying for a baby can be extremely turbulent even at the best of times. The discovery that you may need to seek additional medical support to boost your chances of conception, as well as any resulting treatment that may be advised, can sometimes intensify obstructive negative feelings.

It is so important that both men and women have someone they can talk to about their concerns. This may be a partner, a parent, a sibling, a friend or a colleague. It really does not matter, provided you can trust someone and feel comfortable with them, which is all that may be needed. However, many couples do not feel comfortable confiding in friends and relatives. This is especially true in India where infertility is still considered as a major social stigma and IVF as taboo. This is where counselling can help. Fertility counselling is a process through which individuals and couples have the opportunity to explore their thoughts, feelings and beliefs in order to come to a greater understanding of themselves and their present situation.

Your emotional response to your situation can have a real impact on your approach to dealing with it and thereby also affect the IVF outcome. It is not always easy to keep negative feelings at bay when trying for a baby. Emotional upheaval, uncertainty and feelings of doubt and failure can at times arise and need to be tackled in a scientific and sensitive manner. Past or present experiences with treatment or spouse can also create blocks that prevent the optimal emotional circumstances for conception to take place.

The right combination of counselling, emotional/moral support, acupressure, yoga, meditation, music and hypnotherapy can be crucial for some in helping to overcome difficulties in relationships, sexual life, stress management and coping with delayed conception.

Often, a single session of counselling can be hugely effective in helping you to work through some of these issues, whereas in other cases multiple sessions may be more appropriate. You can be seen on your own or with your partner and although most counselling is done face to face, telephone / e-mail counselling is also available. You might want to share your anxieties and fears with our counsellors before you begin the IVF treatment.

Confidentiality: Whatever you discuss during your counselling session is confidential. No information will be disclosed to anyone without your permission (even to your partner if you so wish).

Dr. Aparna Gangadharan

Besides being an ace gynaecologist and chief assistant IVF consultant, is also an astute IVF counsellor. She aids the couple (often in the first visit itself) in making conscious decisions about the best treatment options, time lines and success rates. Her no-nonsense approach has endeared her to every couple who visits the clinic for treatment.

Dr. Vidhi Shah

Dr Vidhi Shah is a Specialist Fertility Counsellor. For over 5 years, Vidhi's work has helped many a couple overcome the constant emotional struggle and internal battles that rage especially after a failed IVF attempt. Her gentle and reassuring approach is almost magical

Mala Shah

Mala Shah is our Specialist Fertility Counsellor. For over 20 years, Malaa's work has increasingly highlighted the real difficulties that so many couples face in their highly pressurised lives, from the time of first considering IVF right through the procedure and beyond. She also has special expertise in Third Party ART procedure counselling (for egg, embryo, sperm donation and surrogacy).

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