Fertility Preservation

MFC offers a fertility preservation service to protect and preserve your fertility for the future.

You may need to consider this if you have a serious illness such as cancer, and will potentially risk damage to your eggs or sperm from chemotherapy, radiotherapy or other treatments, including surgery.

Some women, especially those in a well set career, may also consider fertility preservation because their age is advancing, but they are not ready or able to have a baby right now.

If you are considering fertility preservation, you should first discuss your situation with your doctor, as well as your motivations, i.e. planned medical treatments or an intentional delay in commencing a family. Your doctor can then determine the most effective options for your individual situation. He may also ask for a TVS scan to assess the antral follicles (egg reserve) and a simple blood test called Anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) to estimate your ovarian reserve and prognosis (chances of retrieving healthy oocytes)

If your AMH level is low, he may advise taking Cap DHEA (micronized) 75 mg a day for 60-120 days prior to egg collection

For young women, these options include freezing of eggs, freezing of embryos, freezing of ovarian tissue, and medications which may protect the ovaries from toxic chemotherapy drugs.

For young men the options include freezing sperm and freezing of testicular tissue.

It is important to discuss your personal circumstances, and decide whether accessing the fertility preservation service is right for you. Other options may be available – such as: donor insemination, if you're ready to start a family straight away, or using donor eggs in the future if your own ovarian function is likely to be lost.

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