Egg Freezing (Vitrification)

A lot of women are in pursuit of higher education and modern high profile career options. This often results in late marriage and delayed child-bearing. Sometimes, the woman crosses the age of 40 by the time she is married and ready to start a family. The pelvic clock, however, keeps ticking, with the result that the woman often loses her reserve of young and healthy eggs by the time she reaches that age. The technique of egg freezing (especially by the modern technique of vitrification) comes as a great boon to these new age women.

An estimation of serum AMH is a very good test for predicting egg reserve and "time on hand".

If you are unduly concerned and do not want to lose the opportunity to have your own biological child, you can approach our clinic for a simple procedure called egg freezing. You would have to take a few injections of a hormone called FSH to produce as many eggs as possible in that month. You then undergo a short procedure for the egg recovery (done with a small needle through the vagina under mild sedation). The eggs thus retrieved are vitrified (frozen) and can be used at a later date (often after several years) once you are married and ready to begin your family.

The advantages of embryo freezing are:

  • It maximises the chance of a pregnancy from a single stimulated IVF cycle;
  • It maximises the chance of a pregnancy from a single stimulated IVF cycle;
  • If you ovulate naturally no / minimal drugs are required on a frozen embryo transfer cycle, resulting in a simpler, more natural cycle of treatment;

If you have previously had embryos frozen at another clinic, it is an easy process to arrange for the frozen embryos to be transferred to our clinic.

Egg Freezing
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