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Date of Birth : 15th January, 1964
Place of Birth : Ramsgate (United Kingdom)
Citizenship : Indian
Home address and telephone : C-2601, Raheja Atlantis, Ganpatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel Mumbai 400013
Professional address and telephone: Mumbai Fertility Clinic & IVF Centre 66 C, Motiwala Building, 1st floor Gowalia Tank, Mumbai 400026
E-mail address: drjatin2000@gmail.com | drjatin2000@yahoo.com | drjatin2015@gmail.com
Website: www.drjatinshah.com


Specialist in the practice of Assisted Reproductive Technologies including IVF, ICSI, IUI, Oocyte, Sperm and Embryo Donation, PESA, TESA and Gestational Surrogacy. Excellent communication skills shown with patients, colleagues and general public. Expert at identifying and solving issues with all aspects (Clinical & Laboratory) of IVF, forming hypotheses, synthesizing conclusions into recommendations and implementing change in protocols (Clinical & Laboratory) to enhance IVF results and pregnancy rates Self-stater, disciplined, confident, goal oriented and adept at giving superior written and oral presentations to groups of experts and motivating members of a team towards common goals Fluent in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati languages


Medical Doctor
M.B.B.S. from Seth Gorthandas Sunderdas Medical College, January, 1987
Post graduation in Obstetrics & Gynecology
M.D. from Seth G.S. Medical College and Sir King Edward Memorial Hospital, Parel, Mumbai in January 1990. Awarded GOLD Medal (Ranked 1st in the entire state of Maharashtra) D.G.O. from College of Physicians & Surgeons, Parel, Mumbai in 1989. Awarded Dr. Adi Dastur Gold medal for 1st rank in D.G.O. Practical examination and Dr. V N Purandare Gold Medal for 1st rank in D.G.O. Theory examination
Additional training in IVF and other Assisted Reproductive Techniques
Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Research in Reproduction with Dr T C Anand Kumar as Guide (Embryologist who pioneered one of India's first IVF babies) and Dr Indira Hinduja as Clinical Gynecologist Junior Director at the Hope Infertility Clinic at Bangalore, India from 1990-March 1993 Attended workshop & Hands-on training in IVF & ICSI with Professor Arif Bongso at the National University Hospital of Singapore, 1996 Attended workshop on Vitrification, IVM at Cha Institute for Reproductive Medicine, Seoul, South Korea in 2001


1990 -1993 Junior Director in charge of IVF program at Hope Infertility clinic, Bangalore under the guidance of Dr T C Anand Kumar
1993 Present Director (Established) the Mumbai Fertility Clinic & IVF Center in Mumbai, India


Dr Jatin P Shah was born in Ramsgate in the United Kingdom on the 15th of January, 1964. He subsequently completed his schooling and medical graduation from Mumbai in India. He obtained his MBBS, followed by MD (obstetrics and Gynecology) and DGO from the Seth G S Medical College and KEM hospital, Mumbai in January, 1990. On the way, he received numerous gold medals for his ICSE, MBBS, MD and DGO examinations. During his graduation days, he co-authored the "Photographic Atlas of gynecologic and obstetric operative techniques" with Dr Shashank V Parulekar.

He was closely associated with the IVF program from the time of its inception and birth of India's first test tube baby at the KEM hospital and Insitute for Research In Reproduction. He had the rare honor and privilege of training under the two greatest pioneers of IVF in India, namely Dr Indira Hinduja (Clinician gynecologist) and the late Dr T C Anand Kumar (Reproductive Biologist and Embryologist).

He established the Mumbai Fertility Clinic & IVF Centre in 1994 where he continues to work till date.

He had the pleasure of attending workshops on ART with Prof Arif Bongso of Singapore as a teacher.

As an entrepreneur he then helped establish IVF & ICSI centres in several cities all over India. The first such centre was established in Cochin in Kerela state in 1996 – procedures of IVF and ICSI were performed once in two months with a visiting team from Mumbai performing 20 – 30 cycles in just 3 – 4 days – thus he helped establish the first IVF and ICSI pregnancies of Kerala state. Thereafter, he began similar centres in Pune (Mother Hope Fertility Clinic), Agra (Malhotra Test tube baby centre), Madurai (Sumathi IVF Centre), Erode (Sudha hi-tech IVF Centre) and Chennai (Nagamani IVF Centre). Cases were performed in batches at all the centres – on an average once every two months for a duration of 5 – 7 years. More than 500 successful pregnancies were established at all the centres in this time frame.

He has to his credit, IVF and surrogacy babies for leading Indian film personalities such as Shahrukh Khan (Bollywood star) and other celebrities from all walks of life. He is a founder member of the ASPIRE and has numerous presentations and publications both nationally and internationally to his credit.

He has also conducted one of the largest studies on the "Use of G-CSF in patients with repeated implantation failures and thin endometrium" recently published in the International journal of infertility and fetal medicine (2014)


  • AICOG – Tubal factor in infertility – Best paper prize and Dr Indumati Jhaveri Prize, Jaipur 1987
  • New Frontiers in ART – Sholapur O & G Society, Sholapur, 1994
  • Cervical Factor in Infertility – Madhya Kerala conference, Cochin 1995
  • Current concepts in ART – Kotayyam O & G Society, Kotayyam, 1996
  • Optimizing IVF Success – Prize-Best paper, National Conference on Human Reproduction, Agra, 1996
  • COHS, monitoring and IUI – CME on ART organized by Madurai O & G society, Madurai, 1997
  • Controlled Ovarian Hyper Stimulation in ART – National update - IAHR, Hyderabad, 1997
  • Current management of ART – Keynote address, NAVSFI, Agra 1996
  • PGD in IVF & ICSI – Pre-congress Genetics workshop – AICOG, Siliguri, 1997
  • CME on ART – keynote address – Travelling FOGSI seminar – Agra, Bareilly, Rampur, Gwalior, Aligarh, 1997
  • COHS in ART – Keynote address – 4th National Congress in ART, Chennai, 1998
  • Male factor infertility and ICSI – Urology club of Agra, 1998
  • IVF & ICSI – Rotary club of Agra, 1998
  • ICSI in the management of male infertility, IMA, Agra, 1998
  • COHS in IUI and ART – Update and workshop on ART, Lucknow, 1998
  • Live demonstration of OPU and ET – ART workshop, Aurangabad O & G society, 1998
  • Recent advances in ART – Bombay Medical Congress, Mumbai, 1998
  • Recent trends in Management of Infertility – Delhi Fertility Clinic & IVF Centre, 1998
  • Recent trends in ART – CME in ART organized by POGS and INFAR India, Pune, 1998
  • COHS and IUI – Infertility update – Bavishi Fertility and Endoscopy clinic, Ahmedabad, 1998
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  • Evaluation of female factor infertility – Guest oration – 29th annual conference of GPA, 1999
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  • rFSH in ART - Practical management of infertility in the Millenium, Jallandhar, 1999
  • Conducted Pre-congress workshop on ART – AICOG, Lucknow, 1999
  • Luteinized unruptured follicle syndrome – Symposium on Infertility, MOGS at Sion hospital, Mumbai 1999
  • Local clinic experience with rFSH – Serono meeting, Dubai, 2000
  • Selective fetal reduction – World congress on practical management of infertility, Mumbai 1999
  • IUI within your reach – Workshop with Live Demonstration of Semen Washing Techniques, Jain Fertility Clinic & IVF centre, Jaipur, 2000
  • Recent advances in ART – Madurai O & G Society, Madurai, 2000
  • Recent advances in ART – Salem O & G Society, 2000
  • rFSH and COHS in ART – Guest symposium, Jamnagar 2000
  • ART in the new millennium, Surat O & G society, Surat, 2000
  • ART in the new millennium, Jamnagar O & G Society, Jamnagar, 2000
  • Controlled Ovarian Hyper Stimulation – 21st century hospitals, VAPI – Millenium fertility congress, May, 2000
  • Male infertility in ART – ART in the new millennium, Eddapal, Kerala, July 2000
  • OHSS & Male factor in infertility – Infertility workshop, KMC, Manipal, Sept, 2000
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  • Management of the Poor Responder – 3rd Indo-Italian workshop on advanced infertility management – Leelavati hospital, Mumbai 2002
  • Management of PCOD and Male factor infertility – IAHR – International congress on infertility and ART – Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala organized by Samad IVF centre, 2002
  • Workshop on COHS and IUI – organized by Erode O & G society, 2002
  • PRATIC 2003 (Hosted and organized by Dr Jatin Shah) – Practical approach to therapy of the infertile couple – The Leela Palace Hotel, Mumbai, 17-19th Jan, 2003 – inaugurated by Shri Raj Thakeray (Chief of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena) with more than 700 delegates, national and international faculty
  • "ICSI" – Controversies in O & G – MMMC, Melaka, Malaysia, March 2003
  • Selective Fetal Reduction – Infertility Update, Ahmedabad, June 2003
  • Ovulation induction protocols in ART – Infertility Update – Dr Rajju Banker foundation, Ahmedabad, 2003
  • Panelist - Trends in ART – ENHANCE 2004, Mumbai 2004
  • Embryo transfer techniques – 10th national congress on ART, ISAR – 2004, Jodhpur
  • Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation for IUI and PCOS – Keynote address at Infertility
  • workshop organized by ASPIRE in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, 2005
  • Treatment of the poor responder – Infertility Today, Hyatt regency, Mumbai 2005
  • Management of unexplained infertility – Infertility Update – Rajju Banker foundation and AMOGS – Ahmedabad, 2005
  • Recent advances in infertility management – IMA – NEBS branch, NEBSCON 2006
  • Founder member of ASPIRE – Asia-Pacific initiatives for reproductive endocrinology
  • OHSS and ICSI – International conference on advances in IVF and reproductive medicine, Jaipur, Jan 2007
  • Optimizing embryo transfer – Serono meeting – Sydney – Round table workshop on enhancing ART success – 2007
  • Overview of ART – D Ward medical association – Keynote address – Annual conference, Mumbai Aug, 2007
  • OHSS International conference on IVF and Recurrent Miscarriages: Guest speaker, Jaipur 2007
  • "ICSI" - International conference on IVF and RM, Guest speaker, Jaipur, 2007
  • Optimizing Embryo transfer, Round table meeting organized by Serono - Sydney , 2007
  • Overview of ART, Keynote address, D ward medical annual conference, Mumbai, 2007
  • Use of the antagonist - Millenium update, Nadkarni hospitals, Surat, 2008
  • Keynote addresses on Oocyte donation and Gestational surrogacy and 1st International conference of ASPIRE in Singapore, 2008
  • Optimizing ET and semen washing, Controversies in Infertility - National Conference, Guest speaker, Pune, 2009
  • Optimizing embryo transfer and live demonstation of semen wash techniques – National conference on Controversies in Infertility, Oct, 2009, Pune
  • IVF vs Adoption – Public debate at KEM hospital (MOGS) – Jan 2010
  • Current status of Urinary gonadotropins – Guest presentation at IFFS – Annual meeting, New Delhi, Feb 2010
  • Controlled ovarian hyperstimulation in ART – All Kerala congress – guest paper, Feb 2010
  • Overview of ART – Keynote address in inauguaral function – All Kerala Congress of O & G, Feb, 2010
  • COHS in ART Guest paper in All kerala meeting Guest speaker, Cochin, 2010
  • Changing trends in infertilty management, September 2010 issue of BIMA, Guest editorial, 2010
  • 4th Congress of the ASPIRE, Delegate, Osaka, Japan, 2012
  • OPU & ET - USG guided, INSUOG - Dr Chander lulla, Taj colaba, Guest speaker, Mumbai, 2014
  • Ten commandments of IVF, IAGE - Meenu agrawal – update, Guest speaker, Pune, 2014
  • G-CSF Harmony with hormones, ITC, MOGS, Guest speaker, Mumbai, 2014
  • Basics of lab aspects for IVF, 4th national conference on Gyn Endocrine, Guest speaker, AIIMS, Delhi, 2014
  • COHS & IUI MOGS - outreach program-Krishna palace, Guest oration Mumbai, 2014
  • Oocyte pick up and ET, 19th national conference ISAR, Guest speaker, Ahmedabad, 2014
  • Endometrial receptivity, IFS-Maharashtra - Bharati dhorepatil, Guest speaker, Nasik, 2014
  • Surrogacy in India, Dr C L Jhaveri oration-43rd annual conf IMA, Dr C L Jhaveri oration, Mumbai, 2014
  • COHS and IUI TOGSICON - 2014 Guest speaker Thrissur, 2014
  • Endometrial receptivity, TOGSICON round table IVF expert meet, Faculty, Thrissur, 2014
  • Optimizing IUI success, Fertility meet, Guest speaker, Udaipur, 2015
  • Endometrial receptivity, ISAR - maharashtra chapter annual meet, Faculty, Aurangabad, 2015
  • Social egg freezing, Cutting edge - Fertility updates, Faculty, Bangalore, 2015
  • Thin endometrium in IVF, IAGE - Hotel Renaissance, powai, Guest speaker, Mumbai, 2015
  • Enhancing Implantation, FEM - Hotel Palladium, Guest speaker, Mumbai, 2015
  • Overview of ART, Dr Manorama -1st Anniversary CME, Guest oration, Madurai, 2015
  • Vitrification and Endometrial receptivity, Blossom fertility Update, Guest speaker, Surat, 2015
  • Overview of modern ART practice, Annual update - Goa Obs-Gynec Society, Guest oration, Goa, 2015
  • Optimizing IUI results, Millenium Update, Guest speaker, Vapi, 2015


  • IVF for tubal factor infertility – Dr Jatin Shah, Dr T C Anandkumar, Dr Indira Hinduja, JOGI, 1988
  • PHOTOGRAPHIC ATLAS OF OPERATIVE OBSTETRIC AND GYNECOLOGICAL TECHNIQUES – Co-authored and published textbook on all conventional surgeries in O & G with Dr Shashank Parulekar, 1990
  • "Reducing sperm counts – Myth or reality" – Chapter in textbook on ART by Dr Kamini Rao & Others, 2007
  • Chapters on Ovarian stimulation protocols, Embryo vitrification and Embryo transfer techniques in textbook: Practical IVF – tips and techniques, edited by Dr Manish Pandya, 2014
  • "Use of Granulocyte Colony Stimulating factor in patients with thin endometrium and repeated implantation failures" – International journal of fetal medicine and Infertility, Sept-Oct, 2014…Dr Jatin Shah, Dr Vidhi Shah, Dr Aparna Gangadharan
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