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The Clinic is centrally located in South Mumbai with easy and fast accessibility from all major railway stations and the airport. It offers all services for infertility under one roof including counseling, a dedicated well equipped operation theatre for operative laparoscopy and hysteroscopy and another for egg retrieval procedures, an embryo culture laboratory, blood test laboratory, semen collection rooms, spacious and deluxe private rooms and a large reception and waiting area. Our friendly secretariat is always ready to welcome you and take care of all your requirements. We have a unique system of patient care wherein there is excellent communication between patients, doctors and secretarial staff. This is via e-mail, mobile phone, whatsapp and other modern methods. This ensures that patient queries and emergencies are attended to at the earliest

The operation theatre is equipped with a new Samsung R7 Sonoace ultrasound machine for high resolution diagnosis of various fertility problems and also for ultrasound guided egg retrieval and embryo transfer procedures. We also have a COOK oocyte (egg) aspiration unit, CODA air filtration unit, Anesthesia machine, endoscopy equipment, STORZ light source and insufflators, Morcellator, Harmonic scalpel, Defibrillator and all other essential and life saving equipment

The IVF laboratory is constantly upgraded with the best international equipment. Currently it is equipped with four conventional carbon dioxide incubators (HERACELL, Germany) and six ultra-modern desktop incubators (MINC – COOK, Australia) to ensure optimal results even with a massive patient load, Inverted, Stereo-zoom and phase contrast microscopes from Carl Zeiss (Germany), RI micromanipulator (UK), Vitrification and embryo freeze equipment from CooK, Australia, two laminar air flow hoods (K-systems, Denmark), heating stages, inlet hepa filters, pressurizing modules, plasma purifiers and accessory laboratory equipment.

Mumbai Fertility Clinic

Since we provide all our services at a single facility, patients know they will always find us here at all times. There is a smooth and organised flow of patients from the secretary - ultrasound room - blood testing - injections –counselors for questions - secretaries for next follow up dates and instructions and finally if they wish – the doctor! All this happens in the space of 10-15 minutes thereby reducing the enormous waiting time which is normally seen in most IVF centers

To help pacify your anxieties there are several secretaries, counselors, two junior assistant doctors and IVF nurses to answer all your queries at any given time. Also, Dr. Jatin Shah himself is usually very easily accessible at all times to counsel you.

The clinic has patients from all over the world including USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Spain, Germany, China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Phillipines, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Tanzania, South Africa among others

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